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Your News Sunday, 26-January-2020
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Get the Latest Flair News Stream Here on the YOUR NEWS page you can read and post global flair news to share with others around the world. Sharing is easy, just login and share your information! You can even upload images to go with your News! Your news item will be posted and included in the YOUR NEWS RSS feed immediately and included on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds later in the day!

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New Flair Jobs in Las Vegas

Rock & Rita's is the world's newest flair bar, inside Circus Circus on the Las Vegas Strip. Rock & Rita's will aim to employ the best flair bartenders in the world. These bartenders must actively participate in flair competition and have a dynamic personality that suits Rock and Rita's high-energy environment.

Twenty world-class flair bartenders and two bar backs will be hired for the early April 2010 grand opening. Applicants for both positions will be carried through the same audition process, outlined below.

There is a possibility for partial visa sponsorship.

Interested parties need to submit a resume NOW and request for audition to David Rosborough General Manager by February 7th at drosborough@kahunaville.com


  • Sunday February 7th - Last day for audition registration
  • Sunday February 21st - First day of auditions, beginning at 5pm
  • Monday February 22nd - First day of interviews, beginning at 10am
  • Monday February 22nd - Auditions continue, beginning at 5pm. Some bartenders may be requested to perform a second audition.
  • Tuesday February 23rd - Second day of interviews, beginning at 10am
  • Tuesday February 23rd - Prospective bartenders will begin filming promotional videos in studio and on property video footage, beginning at 10am
  • Tuesday February 23rd - All prospective employees will perform flair routine, beginning 10pm
  • Wednesday February 24th - Prospective bartenders will begin filming promotional videos in studio and on property video footage, beginning at 10am
  • Wednesday February 24th - All prospective Cast will perform flair routine, beginning 10pm
  • Thursday February 25th - Prospective cast bartenders will begin filming promotional videos in studio and on property video footage, beginning at 10am

Rock and Rita's Audition

Prospective Circus Bartenders will be required to perform a 4 minutes and 30 seconds routine that must include:  

Read More

Legends XI DVDs Now Available!

Just in time for the holidays! The wait is over... The Legends XI Qualifying & Finals DVD is here! See all the Qualifying Flair rounds as well as ALL of the Final Rounds including Accuracy, Speed, Working Flair, Exhibition Flair & Tandem. Complete with tons of bonus footage & more. Be sure to pick up the Qualifying DVD which Features the "Flairbar.com Show with Ben Rose" which takes you even further behind the scenes. Get the official Legends XI Finals DVD as well as the official Legends XI Qualifying Day & Extras DVD all professionally and beautifully edited Flairbar.com style in this one of a kind professional DVD package. See much more then just a Flair clip posted on You Tube. "Be a V.I.P. and order all there is to see!"

No one else takes you behind the scenes and delivers all the action with multiple camera angles and more like Flairbar.com! To purchase your videos today... Check out www.barwars.info! You can view a preview here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h61E9wq4Yqg .

Read More

Barmens Cup 09 Skyy challenge


Brasil Open Flair

Flair Live TV will be broadcasting this competition live this monday 14th.

9PM Sao Paulo

Check it out on www.flairlive.tv

Roadhouse World Finals Results

29-11-2009 Roadhouse World Finals
Location: London, UK

1st Tomek Malek
2nd Danilo Oribe
3rd Marek Poszlusny
4th Vladymir Buryanov
5th Rodrigo Delpech
6th Tom Dyer
7th Sylvain Glatigny
8th Marco Canova
9th Luca Valentin
10th Gianluigi Bosco
11th Rafael Arce
12th Hirochi Ichikawa
13th Antonio Mantelli
14th Daniel Moya
15th Siya
16th Attila
17th David 'Ginge' Reynolds
18th Marco Cicconi
19th Clinton Weir
20th Alex Searle
21th Roberto Cuccurullo
22th Bruno Vanzan
23th Leo
24th Anil Sabharwal
25th Anthony Pullen
26th Matt Flint

The First Working Flair Competition is Back!

The 1st Working Flair Bartending competition is back! The Flair Bartenders Shakedown 2009 is December 8th 2009 in West Palm Beach, Florida at Dr. Feelgoods! This is a fun Flair competition with emphasis on Working Flair, Mixology and testing a Flair Bartender in a true working environment.

Round One will be a blind Working Flair round and Round Two will be a Blind Mixology round. This will be the first time ever these two disciplines will be showcased in one competition! Are you the best overall bartender in a true working environment? Can you entertain as well as make a great cocktail? Where will you place overall? Find out December 8th 2009 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

1st-$1,500.00 / 2nd-$800.00 / 3rd-$600.00. For full prizes & more info you can check out "www.barwars.info"

QUEST 2009 Results

QUEST 2009 has come and gone, but one this is for sure a good time was had by all. The flair was raised up another level and the Sponsor Rounds did not disappoint. From Slap Chop to Transformers to the classic flair copy cat themes... there was great fun and thrils in the room that night.

Big thanks to all of the QUEST staff and Flairlive.tv for covering the event for the entire world to see. I would like to throw out a very special shout out to EVERYONE that dug deep on Tuesday night to drop what they were doing and make the trek over to another location to end the evening. This support showed how close the flair family is and that we move as a tribe. Trust that I am personally working to take these efforts forward so we can reap the benifits in 2010.

Congratulations to everyone. See you in 2010!

PDF Results are now posted on the QUEST pages!

2009 Pro Results
2009 Advanced Results

So Flair returns!

So Flair is held once a year at Bar So in Bournemouth on the South coast of England in association with Roadhouse. First prize of £750 Second prize £250 Third prize £50


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