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2008 FBA PRO TOUR Saturday, 18-May-2024
Join the 2008 FBA PRO TOUR

FBA Pro Tour The FBA PRO TOUR is a points chase across the entire year of FBA Pro Tour Events. Competitors earn points at each event based on a multitude of factors. The most important factor being how well they did at the event. Competitors gain points from each competition no matter how well or poorly they place. The only points that count toward the PRO TOUR however are those earned in the OPEN division and PRO division of a competition. Amateur, Advanced, and Tandem points will not be calculated into the PRO TOUR standings for any competitor.

For 2008 there will be two separate tours. The FBA PRO TOUR North America, which will include events in Canada and USA, and the FBA PRO TOUR World, which will include events from the rest of the world. Each tour will have their own prizes, trophies, and champions. The competitor from either tour with the most ponts will have an additional title of GLOBAL CHAMPION.

The PRO TOUR Champions will be announced after the last event of the year, but the awards ceremony will be held at the annual FBA Awards during the LEGENDS of BARTENDING event in Las Vegas every spring.


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Event Website: The rules for your event must be posted on a website.
If you wish for all of the event information to be hosted
on the FBA site, there will be a small service fee associated
with the webmaster costs. The FBA can facilitate a message board,
rules, registration, and general information for your event.