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Your News Friday, 17-May-2024

Flip$ 4 Tip$ 11

Posted By
Fba Webmaster
Flip$ for Tip$ will host its 11th all FLAIR Bartending competition this year in Cincinnati, Ohio at Mynt Martini www.myntcincinnati.com This year’s event will have 2 separate groups, one for Pro and one for Advanced & Amateur being combined. Only the first 25 competitors to sign up will be eligible to compete.

Flip$ is November 7th , 8th & 9th 2010 @ MYNT MARTINI in Cincinnati, Ohio
Sun. Nov 7th (Meet & Greet 9p)
Mon. Nov 8th (Qualifying day 1p - 7p)
Tuesday Nov. 9th (Finals 8p)

Rules and full information is posted at www.chicosun.com.

A Monday Night Football game will take place on Monday the 8th at Paul Brown Stadium. It will be the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh
Steelers. Qualifying will be completed by game time 8:30. The stadium is an 8 minute walk from Mynt Martini and the host hotel. We will also be hosting a party on Monday Night for the game and finals won’t be until 8p on Tuesday so, Yes. You can
sleep in Tuesday morning.

Because of the Monday Night Football game, I’d HIGHLY suggest booking your room NOW! Booking flights this far out is also
suggested so that money can be saved!!!

See you at FLIP$

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