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Gender: Male
Age: 51 Years Old
Nationality: United States
Speaks: English
Works: FBA
Lives: Boise (United States)
Bartending: 29 Years
Flairing: 28 Years
Website: http://www.barflair.org

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I started my flair bartending career just like many others of my time, at QUEST. I started competing in 1996 at QUEST, and it simply changed my life. I became a different person after that week, and I found a new drive to excel that I had never felt before.

I competed from 1996 to 2001 with my best placing being 10th at LEGENDS 3. In 1999 I was the very first official FBA judge. That same year I was also the very first external judge at QUEST. From that point on, everything starting moving very fast.

Together with event partners like High Spirits, Flairco, and our event sponsors, the FBA co-organizes the largest and most prestigious competitions on the planet. I spend my year either running or judging competitions all over the world.

Flair is not just an art form, sport, or even passion? it is a mental state of mind that separates you from all those around you. Flair is the fuel that gets you out of bed and makes you strive to be better.


Jim Allison

Austrian Flair Combat Qualifiers - 13-Apr-2008 - (JAMES ALLISON - United States)

Tonight we finished the qualifying rounds from the Austrian Flair Combat.  For a first time competition I was extremely impressed with the level of competitors that showed up.  The finals have 10 people in it, but to make it was indeed a struggle.  With names like Dyer, Oribe, Delpech, Canova, Fiore, Cordoba, and Doimo... you have to work your ass off to get to the big show.

More about this competition tomorrow.  Awesome flair so far!  Great job to Martin Schlamberger for running his first comp.  I think he shortened his lifespan by several years from the stress.

More later...