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FBA Services Monday, 20-May-2024
FBA Services


Through membership we provide contacts, resources, and information about every aspect of professional flair bartending. We also call on members to fill positions for flair trainers, performers, and bartenders throughout the world.

Consultants & Trainers

The demand for flair bartending and flair-based promotions such as competitions are growing exponentially. Part of the mission of the FBA is to help grow our industry by referring those interested in professional training services to the growing number of flair-savvy trainers and consultants around the world who support our mission. If you are looking for professional flair or beverage training, the FBA can help you find it, anywhere in the world.

Drinks Industry

Everything we do feeds the drinks industry. Every time we get a bartender excited about flair bartending, we get one of your front-line salespeople excited about selling your brand. And when they get excited about selling it, their guests get excited about buying it. The FBA and our members stand behind the brands that stand behind us. With the ability to directly reach our army of highly-motivated, sales-focused bartenders and bar trainers in over 150 countries, the FBA has the ability to get your brand¹s message to the people that can move your product like no other company or organization on earth. And we can do it with a click of a button, in about a minute.

Managers, F&B Directors, Owners

We work closely with on-trade/on-premise decision makers to help you recruit talent for your concepts. Whether you are looking for one or two local and enthusiastic rookies, or a team of world-class professional performers and consultants, the FBA helps find the talent to fill your needs.


We work directly with major publications and television networks developing story ideas related to bartending and help facilitate coverage of our growing sport and the trade, in general. We have been contacted by (and have successfully generated media coverage all over the world) by such major media as the New York Times, London Sunday Times, Boston Globe, Food Network, Arts & Entertainment Network, CBS, and MS-NBC. Time and time again, they tell us it's not the flair that warrants coverage; it's the FBA and the growth of the sport that we've created, that is news worthy.

Promotions Companies

From one-man shows to major public relations and special events firms, the FBA acts as expert field consultants for those looking for bartending related promotions. We help find talent for major city corporate launch parties, media events, and fund raisers as well as for small town competitions and bar promotions. If you're a promoter looking for connections or someone looking for promotional ideas related to flair bartending, we are your global source.

FBA Headquarters
Flair Bartenders' Association, Inc.
104 E. Fairview Ave. #283
Meridian Idaho 83642-1733
United States
(Toll Free) 877.794.9446
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