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Your News Friday, 14-June-2024
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Get the Latest Flair News Stream Here on the YOUR NEWS page you can read and post global flair news to share with others around the world. Sharing is easy, just login and share your information! You can even upload images to go with your News! Your news item will be posted and included in the YOUR NEWS RSS feed immediately and included on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds later in the day!

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Results from Roadhouse World Open 3

28-06-2009 Roadhouse World Open 3 - Location: London, UK

1st Tom Dyer
2nd Gianluigi Bosco
3rd Luca Valentin
4th David 'Ginge' Reynolds
5th Marco Cicconi
6th Alex Searle

FBA Advanced Tour - Legacy of Bartending

The next event on the FBA Advanced Tour will be the Legacy of Bartending, hosted at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, NV on Monday, July 20th and Tuesday, July 21st.  Complete competition rules and information will be posted on the FBA site soon.

Las Vegas Yard Day this Monday June 1st

Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that we'll be doing YARD DAYS here in Las Vegas. We are going to start this Monday June 1st from 5pm to dark at the West Flamingo Park (Flamingo and Jones), Myself and other flair bartenders will be there at that time.

If you know someone who wants to learn or start flaring please bring them over, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!

See you guys on Monday!!!


PS: So far we are 10 people for this Monday, some of them are Christian Delpech, Danilo Oribe, Santiago Gomez, Vladymyr Buryanov, Paul Nguyen.

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